Dentistry in Derbyshire

Report date:
April 26, 2024
Dentistry in Derbyshire

For the past few years we have been looking into how hard it is to find NHS dental treatment in Derbyshire. Following on from our Dental Access Report report in 2021, our Dentistry in Derbyshire report shows the picture a few years on.

From backlogs of appointments from the COVID pandemic, to issues with NHS contracts, our report shows the issues which have resulted in NHS dental treatment being hard to find.

We’ve found that people still aren’t able to find adult NHS dentist spaces, and some are even resorting to ‘DIY dentistry’ and removing teeth on their own.

The report shows what we’ve done to try to help the situation, as well as the impact we’ve had. It also shows as what next steps the NHS and decision makers can take to help improve the situation for local people.

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