Pharmacy First: what you need to know

Pharmacy First: what you need to know

Pharmacy First was launched January 2024. The aim of Pharmacy First is to give the public a chance to get treatment for common conditions from pharmacists instead of having to make an appointment at their GP practice.

What can pharmacists now treat?

  • Sinusitis - for patients 12+
  • Sore throat - for patients 5+
  • Earache - for children aged between 1 - 17 years old
  • Infected insect bites - for patients 1 year+
  • Impetigo - for patients 1 year+
  • Shingles - for patients 18+ 
  • Uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTIs) in women - for people aged 16-64 years

How do you get treatment from a pharmacist?

If you think you have symptoms of one of the above conditions, you can call or walk into a pharmacy and arrange a consultation with the pharmacist. You can also visit NHS 111 online where it will suggest the best place to get treatment. GP receptionists, and services that provide emergency care will also be able to direct people to pharmacies, that offer the service, if contacted.

What will happen when I arrive at the pharmacy?

Pharmacists will most likely speak to you in a consultation room as they might need to examine you to correctly treat you. They might also ask you for more information about your medical conditions.

What sorts of treatments can pharmacists give to patients? 

Pharmacists will be able to provide advice on how to manage your conditions. If needed, they will also be able to suggest over the counter and prescription medications to help. Pharmacists will be able to provide prescriptions for antibiotics or antivirals when needed.

How do I know if my local pharmacy offers this service?

The Department for Health and Social Care has said that more than 10,000 pharmacies have already signed up to Pharmacy First – that’s over 95 per cent of all those in England. 99% of Derbyshire pharmacies have signed up to Pharmacy First.

At the moment there isn't a way to search to find up-to-date information on which local pharmacies provides the service on the NHS app for example. It's a case of calling or walking in and asking for treatment advice.

Have you had treatment from your pharmacy?

we'd be interested to hear from you about how Pharmacy First is working at your local pharmacy. Were you able to get the treatment and advice you needed? Let us know by completing our quick and easy feedback form.

Further information

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