Whitworth Hospital Community Diagnostic Centre Enter and View report

Published on
May 8, 2024

In January 2024 our Authorised Representatives visited Whitworth Hospital Community Diagnostic Centre.

What are Community Diagnostic Centres?

Community Diagnostic Centres (CDCs) are new and started to open in Derbyshire from March 2023. They have been opened as ‘one-stop shops’ to provide an easier and better patient experience by having diagnostic facilities and services in one place.

They are places where people can get X-rays, scans, and blood tests to help find out what might be causing their health issues. These tests can also help doctors plan the best treatment and check if the treatment is working well.

CDCs aim to reduce the pressure on larger hospitals and provide quicker access to diagnostics with more choices for patients. Usually, patients get their results on the same day or within two weeks of their tests.

What did we report on?

  • Accessibility
  • The quality and delivery of care provided
  • How people are involved in service improvements
  • Patient choice
  • Working together
  • Receiving results
  • When things need to change

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