Autumn Grange Enter and View Visit Report

Published on
May 13, 2019

Purpose of the visit:

 To enable Healthwatch Derbyshire ARs to see for themselves how the service is being provided in terms of quality of life and quality of care principles

 To capture the views and experiences of residents, family members/friends and staff

 To consider the practical experience of family/friends when visiting the service in terms of access, parking and other visitor facilities

 To identify areas of resident satisfaction, good practice within the service and any areas felt to be in need of improvement.

Autumn Grange provides residential and nursing care for the elderly, including those with dementia. The home has 54 beds which are situated on two floors. The ground floor hosts residents who have some level of independence while those living on the first floor are in more advanced stages of dementia. Staff can work on either floor.

Healthwatch Derbyshire is responsible for receiving information and feedback from the public about local health and social care organisations and the services they provide. All nominations for Enter & View are scrutinised through the Healthwatch Derbyshire Intelligence and Insight Action Group (IIA) to determine whether an Enter & View is appropriate and would benefit both the service and the provider and/or commissioner of that service.

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