What do Experts by Experience do?

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"I am proud to be an Expert by Experience and encourage anyone with lived experience to get involved and speak out. Together we can create change for the better."

Matt, Expert By Experience.
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Our Experts help gather information from their own communities and networks, about what people think is good and bad about mental health services, and their ideas for improvement. Being an Expert by Experience is a great way of using your first-hand experience of health and social care services to help improve things for the future.

This could be from groups you attend, conversations with friends, attending workshops, or from being active in your local community. Experts also get involved with local events and meetings taking place, sharing their own experiences, and those of others. They help services look for solutions to issues that have been identified, with the main goal being to improve mental health services for all.

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What makes a good Expert?

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Good listening skills

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Good communication skills, and being to work with a wide range of people

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The ability to record experiences, and give feedback about these experiences  

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Being able to put themselves in someone else's position

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A flexible and positive attitude

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Some experience of the health and social care sector

What's in it for you?

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Share your energy and enthusiasm with your community to make things better for everyone in Derbyshire

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Gain understanding of how heath and social care services are planned, delivered and commissioned (paid for)

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Increase your confidence and gain new skills through on-going development and training

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Become part of the Mental Health Together team and meet new people

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Build your CV

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We will meet any out of pocket expenses that you incur as a result of volunteering for Mental Health Together

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Interested in learning more about becoming an Expert by Experience?

If you're interested in becoming an Expert by Experience or would like to know more, complete the form or contact our team.

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